Sticker madness

Yesterday I mustered up all of my energy and prepared for the Princess’ 5 month photo shoot. She’s getting around now, you know. I was ironing the backdrop, utterly terrified she’d roll over to me and yank on the iron cord. She did roll over to check things out, but of course my worst fears as an over protective mom rarely play out. Mostly, because I am prepared for them, I think.

OK the backdrop is ironed, Now to get the area set. Did I pick the windiest day this week to set up? YES! I did! Ugg! The backdrop is blowing over and over, and this month the Princess is noticing the sticker. Who came up with those silly things anyway! I was determined not to do this to myself monthly, as circumstances prevented me from finishing the monthly pictures I started with Monkey, but I was given the monthly stickers by a friend so here I am every month ironing the backdrop, setting the stage, taking the pictures. 12747916_1106067939405301_752310073029346995_o

I think I got maybe one decent picture of Princess before I gave up fighting her and just started taking pictures of her chewing on the sticker. Hubs was impressed. He said it really captured her personality. And I’ll admit, it was a lot less stressful! What is the moral of the story here? These precious moments don’t have to be “picture perfect” you just need to let it go and take the picture anyways12719223_1106070416071720_6531268941880583082_o


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I'm the wife of a saint. I'm a stay at home mother of two. And I'm so crunchy I make my own granola.
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3 Responses to Sticker madness

  1. Aunt Debbie says:

    I did not know you have a blog! Awesome!


  2. diane says:

    That right live in the moment. Tomorrow is another day.


  3. Jonathan Lawrence says:

    That’s a great story honey.


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