Grace’s birth story

God’s plan is always better than my plan. We were planning a natural birth with Grace. Because I had a cesarean with Samuel that was going to be risky. We felt that because we wanted a large family that the future health benefits exceeded the risk. We also put the birth of our daughter in God’s hands, so frankly I was 100% confident that nothing would go wrong. Well something went wrong.

At 35 weeks pregnant I was told I was going to have to go to the hospital. (which I knew would increase the risk of having a repeat cesarean) I was devastated. I broke down crying right then and there. Why was this happening? Everything was supposed to be perfect. Wasn’t God in control???

    I came home and posted in the ICAN facebook page about what happened. How the Midwife said there was a spot on my scar, and that she wouldn’t even go to the hospital with me to support my wishes in birth. I was looking for some support, and I got it! “Second opinion!” everyone chorused. So I called around and found Katie Miller. She instantly sprang into action. (I think about her at this time with war paint on and a bandanna wrapped around her head blowing in the wind. She stands on a hill with a flag in her hand that says she supports me.) She actually had to fight tooth and nail with my first midwife to get my medical history.

She signed us up for a birth at home class right away. We just made it in! (the “birth class” my first midwife offered was us watching a youtube video of a home birth and then talking about what hospital we’d rush to in an emergency. In the birth class Katie offered us, we learned A LOT of pain management techniques that SAVED me during labor!) I found out that Fl law requires all VBACs to have an obgyn consult. Something my first midwife didn’t mention at all. I called Katie crying because the out of pocket cost was so great for the consult, and she comforted me, and worked with me.

On the day my labor started, Katie came in the morning. I was sure Grace was going to make an appearance soon, but it turns out I was just warming up! At 5 pm. my water broke and everything is a blur from there. I could probably write another ten paragraphs about how it went, and how wonderful Katie and her assistant were, but I won’t. I will say that her unobtrusive presence was the perfect combo of encouragement, monitoring, strength, and peace.

Since my daughter’s birth I’ve talked with four women who have had only terrible things to say about their birth experiences with my first midwife. I can’t thank Him enough for intervening and changing my plan.

IMG_20150918_010606    Yes, this was God’s perfect plan. He brought us where we needed to be. At 12:41 Am. on September 18th, I reached into the water and lifted my daughter onto my chest. My little miracle.


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